By Default new users do not have access to this feature. This is required for newer integration functionality such as Klaviyo. You can assign the integration TRAN user sufficient rights to do this ourselves or you will need to create the key and send it to us at 

This API is required for Klaviyo Transactions to flow across.

Our Key we use is 

  • Key Name THQ
  • API Key Description used to describe the integration - TranslatorHQ

Generating Unified API Keys

Within Retail Express you can generate your own API Key for the Retail Express Unified API right from within Back Office. If you have multiple integrations to Retail Express you can control each API independently i.e. you can disable an API key without affecting the other integrations.

Please note: A licence is required to access the API key - contact to obtain a licence.

Generating a Licence Key

Security Permission

To generate a licence key you will need to first ensure you have enabled the correct Security Permissions. If you're unsure about which Security Permission to update refer to the Security Profile assigned to the User Account via Staff > Users. 

To enable the Security Permission:

  1. Navigate to Staff > Profile Security
  2. Click Edit Features for the appropriate Profile
  3. Tick the permission API Management
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. You may need to log out of Back Office and log back in for the changes to take effect

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Generate API Licence Key

To generate an API Licence Key:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > API Management
  2. The API keys window will load
  3. Enter an API Key Name e.g. THQ
  4. Enter an API Key Description used to describe the integration - TranslatorHQ
  5. Select Enabled
  6. Click Generate Keys
  7. Two API Key will be generated and displayed in the table below - either one can be used for the integration
    Note: The API Key Name will be displayed in the format of (domain name)-API Key Name e.g. MyBusiness-THQ

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Disabling an API key

API Keys can be disabled by:

  1. Untick the Enabled button (the change will be applied immediately).
  2. The change will be applied immediately
  3. Click the Trash Can icon mceclip2.png to delete an API Key altogether.