This guide will show you how to generate API login keys for Translator HQ BigCommerce App for products and categories.

We need these API keys to access your store's back-end.

  1. To generate API keys, first log into your BigCommerce store. Make sure your account is registered as the store owner to proceed (You can check this in Account Settings -> Users).
  2. Next, click on Advanced Settings on the left-hand pane. 
  3. Inside Advanced Settings, click on API Accounts
  4. Click on the blue Create API Accounts button, and select Create V2/V3 API Token.
  5. Name the API keys to TranslatorHQ-Catalog 
  6. Scroll down and set the following permissions, then click Save
  7. A window should appear with the API keys, and a text file containing the keys should start downloading. Please send the text file in an email as an attachment to

After these API keys have been generated and sent to the THQ support email, a User account also needs to be set up. Only the store owner can set up new users, so make sure you're logged into the store owner's account. 

1. While logged in as store owner, go to Account Settings › Users. Click Create a User Account.

2. Enter the, and set out user account status.

Email and status settings under User Details

3. Set our User Role as Store Administrator. 

Select a User Role from the dropdown

Within minutes of creating the account, we will be sent an email message asking us to confirm our address and create a password. Please let us know once you've followed this process so we know to expect the email.