It is completely up to you which eCommerce fields you would like to manage in Retail Express. This varies from store to store and is all based on preference. We do not have to enable any fields for updates if you would like to manage the eCommerce data separately once the product has been created by TranslatorHQ. Pricing and stock will continue to update from Retail Express regardless.

Choosing fields to keep up-to-date in your eCommerce store from Retail Express will allow you to keep data entry at a minimum and keep consistency between your Retail Express system and eCommerce store.

Data Maps, while they can vary greatly between connections, will usually look like this:

Please note the following;

  • Any field that is enabled for updates will be over-written in your eCommerce store from the value in Retail Express.
  • Enabling tags for updates will require all product tags to be managed inside of Retail Express, any tags you create manually in your eCommerce store will be overwritten at a later date.