How to Create Lists and Segments in Klaviyo

Lists are static, and Segments are dynamic. Within Klaviyo, under Lists & Segments, click on “Create List / Segment”.

Unlike Mailchimp, Klaviyo segments are not a subset of a list, segments pull subscribers from all across your account. 

Then click on the Segments box.

First, enter a name for your Segment - Retail Express Customers

We then want to add a rule to the Segment.

Click on “Select a condition” to open up a dropdown menu. We first want subscribers who have been updated by TranslatorHQ , so we will click “What someone has done (or not done)”.

THQ Customer Update

And now they are in the segment!

How ignore certain orders for THQ - Ordered Product?

For example if you would like to ignore Shopify Orders from coming over to Klaviyo, we can assign the connector to ignore an Order on Retail Express by the sales person, "Shopify".

We can ignore 1 sales person at a time for the Klaviyo Connector.

If you would like to ignore certain orders from coming through to Klaviyo please let us know the First name of the Sales Person.

Campaigns: you can combine all the relevant selections into one segment, and you can create audience segments. Audience segments are great because you always get more engagement if you create a tighter target audience. For example those not shopping online etc etc 

Facebook Audience: similar to campaigns, we recommend making segments because it allows you to make granular and more targeted Facebook Audiences; for your seed audience, for your look-alikes, or as an exclusion audience.

Segments are one of the best tools in Klaviyo and they are a very powerful way to understand your customers and build audiences.