As part of our monthly hosting we provide you with support for your integration. We work with your Web Designer and Retail Express to ensure that your experience across all systems is an excellent one.

Here are some examples and who you would contact for these

  1. Website presentation and menus – Your eCommerce support - Web Designer
  2. Missing Products are not in WooCommerce,  but they are in Rex – TranslatorHQ
  3. Fulfillment of Orders, refunds etc – Retail Express

Please send all TranslatorHQ support related questions to

Please include a product ID or SKU as text when mentioning products.

We prefer using our systems rather than Phone calls and phone calls do have lower priority to those in our queue,

you are welcome to call our office numbers below and we will do our best. Please do not call personal phones as we are on different schedules and time zones with different availability to provide the greatest coverage.

Australia  -  Sydney
+61 2 8091 2990
Australia  -  Perth
+61 8 9467 1800
North America
+1 617 299 9190

All of our support articles are all available under :- 

Please send all Retail Express support related questions to