The reason for a web order to be created in Retail Express with a missing product could due to:

  1. The product is not enabled for export to web.
  2. The product has not been assigned to a sales channel or source group.
  3. The product has been disabled.
  4. Another product is using the missing product's product id as a supplier SKU.

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Products are missing from the order in Retail Express

If a product is missing from the order in Retail Express, this could be due to the following reasons:

If a product is synchronised and has a SKU code that matches the product ID, the synchronisation tool is unable to work as intended.

For example, if a sale is placed no product will be added to the sale. The order will not match the order online, although the full total of the sale will be transferred. This will result in the order in Retail Express appearing as overpaid.

To resolve the issue:

  • Update the SupplierSKU/ManufacturerSKU of the product so that it doesn't match the product ID
  • Resynchronise the product (note: you may need to remove the incorrect product from the web store)
  • Adjust any transactions as required that are missing the products (edit the sale in POS and add the product)