We offer configuration options for order processing, including better options for automatic payment mapping between your eCommerce platform and Retail Express.

The default label for payments coming into REX from your eCommerce platform is "Online", or as the payment provider (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Afterpay etc.)

It is possible to change the label that REX assigns to the payment through a custom payment mapping. 

For each payment method you use in your eCommerce platform, you will need to select the payment type in REX that you wish to map it to. The predefined payment types in REX can be viewed under the 'Settings' tab, in 'Payment Types'.  REX and eCommerce platforms sometimes have names for payment methods that don't match - what is important is that the label REX gives an incoming payment works for you and your business. 

By customizing this mapping, the information REX provides about order payments can be more useful and informative. 

Example Payment Mapping

fromName (From your store/website)
toName (To Retail Express Payment Types found in Settings)
Stripe (Credit Card)
*Can map as many as you would need*

E.g) On your store payment type/methods, a customer pays with paypal. To send that across to Retail Express so that it understands paypal is used as the payment, we map it into PayPal. paypal -> PayPal.