How do I mark a product for Export to Web?

Usually, the connector will use a sales channel called ‘ONLINE’, and a source group called ‘WEB’.  This is used in the example below. If you’re unsure about which sales channel or source group your store needs to use, please ask us.

An individual product can be marked as “Export to Web Service” within Retail Express on its product page. In the ‘Web’ section, the checkbox needs to be ticked and both columns (sales channel and source group) need to have an option selected. 


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Is there a faster way to Export to Web?

A mass download and upload process allow you to update many products at once. Once you have downloaded and opened the spreadsheet, you need to scroll over to find the columns ‘ExportToWebService’ and ‘Channel:ONLINE’. 

For products you want to export, fill in ‘ExportToWebService’ with ‘TRUE’ and ‘Channel:ONLINE’ with ‘WEB’, as below. When the spreadsheet is uploaded back to REX, they will be marked for Export to Web.


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If you aren’t familiar with bulk editing products, we have a more detailed explanation in this article: BUG - Issues for Marking Items for Export : TranslatorHQ ( 

Alternatively, Retail Express provides this tutorial:

Using Mass Download to bulk edit products – Retail Express Knowledge Base (

Why do I need to mark products for 'Export to Web'?

Products on your Retail Express system are not visible to the connector by default. It can only see products that are marked ‘Export to Web’ (abbreviated to Export) and in the correct sales channel. Export to Web is how you control which products in your inventory are available on the website. Before we can start the implementation, we need at least one product marked correctly for Export – preferably more.  

What are sales channels and source groups?

You can think of the sales channel as the website to send a product to, and the source group as the bucket to get stock from. Once a product is marked for Export it will become available in the selected sales channel, with stock from the selected source group. The connector only sees the products from the sales channel it is connected to.

Retail Express covers these topics with more detail in their Knowledge Base: Product Source and Fulfilment for Web Sales – Retail Express Knowledge Base ( 


How do you unmark a product for Export to Web?

To hide an item from the connector in Retail Express, you can untick the product’s ‘Export to Web’ checkbox. To do this in bulk, you can set the ‘ExportToWebService’ column in the Retail Express Mass Download spreadsheet to 'FALSE'. If you unmark any products, please notify our team.