REX Smarttags - Additional Charge option for Shopify


Shopify LOVES tags. They are the primary and best way of organising your products in a modern fashion rather than older hierarchies of Product categories or taxonomies.


Now you can take advantage of the smart tag feature of TranslatorHQ. You will be aware that the rapid and constantly changing product database makes it hard for these to keep up to date. Welcome SmartTags!


These can use ANYTHING available from Retail Express including calculations to decide upon a tag to be added. 


Some Examples are using the Product Name or SKU containing something, or even taking a complex grouping of codes to make a simple heading for example XA XB XC are all Falcons so add that tag.


We can read this information from REX using any of these columns or computations..


for example..


if ProductTypeName is like'%Lipstick%' then add tags ..  Beauty, Cosmetics, Accessories, Lipstick

if ProductTypeName is like'% Hoodie%' then add tags ..  Hoodie, Jumper, Outerwear         

if ProductTypeName is like'%Keyring%' then add tags ..  Keyring, Accessories