You may have noticed a new Product Category field under a Shopify product's 'Product organization' section. This is in addition to the Product Type field, which depending on your settings may be set or updated by the connector.

This field may or may not have a suggestion listed, with a tick and cross to approve or reject the suggestion. This recommendation is just a suggestion and doesn't affect anything unless it is approved.

From the Shopify article on Product Types: "Product categories and product types are used to label and categorize your products. However, product category and product type aren't the same thing." Product types · Shopify Help Center 

Both have a very similar function. The main difference is that product categories must come from a pre-defined list of options defined by Shopify. Product types are a label that you define, rather than selecting it from a list. This means you can use a label outside of the predefined product category options.

This doesn't affect the connector as the Product Type still functions as it did previously, so the connector can set and manage this as per usual.