New Allow Oversell Feature

The ability to sell products on an eCommerce while there is not stock on hand is a commonly desired feature. BigCommerce supports pre-order functionality, but other e-Commerce platforms require the integration to manage the feature.  


‘Allow Oversell’ is a new feature of the implementation that allows your ecommerce store to sell selected products regardless of what the product’s stock levels are in Retail Express. Orders containing these products will still be processed as normal, but items selected for this function will not be prevented from selling if their stock is below your store’s minimum stock level in REX.


How it works:

If you have this feature turned on translator will allow overselling on products that are:

  • Virtual products (these products will always be set to oversell – not supported in WooCommerce. If you have virtual products in WooCommerce you must select ‘Prevent Disabling’ for each product you wish to allow oversell for)
  • Products with ‘Prevent Disabling’ turned on in REX
  • Products that have previously been set to oversell


What you need to do:

Select ‘Prevent Disabling’ on each product in REX that you want to allow overselling for. After this is complete, please let us know so we can enable the 'Allow Oversell' feature. 


If you wish to turn the 'Allow Oversell' feature off on individual product/s without turning off the feature i=enitr, you must remove the ‘Prevent Disabling’ flag in REX, and then let us know so we can update the product’s settings in the integration for you.


Turning on ‘Prevent Disabling’ in Retail Express:

Under ‘Edit Product’, there is an ‘Advanced Options’ section. Tick the option ‘Prevent Disabling’ and save changes.

Note: This option cannot be updated via a Mass Upload.