Before the connector can update the stock of a WooCommerce product, the product must have Stock Management enabled. This means that WooCommerce will maintain a stock quantity of a product, rather than setting the product to an 'In Stock'/'Out of Stock' status. 

        For WooCommerce version 5.4 and up: Stock Management needs to be enabled differently on Variable Products

Simple products and Stores with WooCommerce Version 5.3 and prior:

In a product's inventory tab, tick the box marked 'Manage Stock?' to enable stock management.

To update this setting on multiple products at once: bulk edit products to change this setting on multiple products at one time, by following this article and updating the Manage Stock field: Bulk Editing Products - WooCommerce Docs 

Variable products (Version 5.4+): 

If you have updated your WooCommerce since June 8 2021, you will have version 5.4 of WooCommerce or above. Variable products must have their Stock Management enabled at a variation level. In the Variations tab, tick the 'Manage Stock?' box for each variation:

Stock Management can be turned on or off for all variants of a single parent product at once by selecting 'Toggle Manage Stock' on a product's variations tab. 

If you need to enable stock management for many variable products, please contact us. We have software that will allow us to quickly update this setting for you.  If you only wish for some products to have their settings changed, please include a list of the WooCommerce IDs of Parent Products (not individual variations) you would like updated. These can be found in your WooCommerce system - they are not the same as the Product IDs in REX.

When NOT to enable stock management?

If you have our Oversell feature enabled on any products, they should not have stock management enabled. If stock management is enabled on these products, the connector will disable it. If you have products that you don't wish to manage the stock of, talk to us about setting up the connector's Oversell feature. 

If the connector is not updating stock levels on your products, then Stock Management is not required to be enabled.