The ability to group products together offers many benefits and you group your products together on your website automatically using the Manufacturer SKU in Retail Express.

Sometime the Manufacturer SKU (Code) from Retail Express is needed for other uses. It has the advantage of being seen by other integrations, used in the quick search and other capabilities for warehouse management.

Manufacturer SKU

Can be used for a Group or Style Code (the code that applies to the entire range of the same product e.g. a t-shirt in 4 colours and 5 sizes). This can also be used as an alternative code for the product.

When used for a Group/Style Code all products in the group must share the exact same Manufacturer SKU.

Tip: This is the only field in Retail Express that can be used as a Style Code, and is responsible for the grouping of products together for web stores and Style reports (e.g. Style Performance) 

We now offer a custom option allowing you to use as the field for grouping Custom3, this still allows you to group the variants in ECommerce as shown below by “Product”.  

For more information on this special option to group by Custom3 or another field, please contact us for pricing and more information.


Retail Express Example

As shown below, In Retail Express the Product group is the Manufacturer SKU, whereas the Supplier SKU is unique and includes the size variants.

ProductIdSKU – Supplier SKUCustom3 - Grouping SKUCodeSizeName

So using Custom3 to designate a shared grouping number for products will ensure the product will appear as one listing with multiple options.