Retail express offers an ability to create a package of products to appear as a seperate item at both POS and if chosen on the Web Store. This is a great feature allowing you to bundle things together and automatically show the stock of the component parts. There is however no import tool for these packages and a few restrictions to notice.



Selling packages on your webstore

If you are a business that sells products in groups, then it's likely that you have utilised the package features in Retail Express for your POS business.

For example, you may be a furniture provider and offer an outdoor setting to your customers where for a set price they receive a table, some chairs and an umbrella.  In Retail Express you would have set up your individual components and then a package, so that you can simply enter the package code at your point of sale, and the inventory will be adjusted for all components.

For more information on how packages work in Retail Express, please refer to the Create a Package Knowledge base article. 

When it comes time to sell this package on your Web Store, you have a few factors to consider:

- Do you want your customers to be able to purchase each component on its own; or
- Do you want your customers to be able to purchase the package only

If you

1) choose to sell the package only and not the individual items, simply 

tick "Export To Web Service" and choose a Sales Channel and Source Group on the package in Retail Express, the same as you would for any other product.  Your package will be synchronised over to the Web Store and created as if it was any other product.

From there, just set up  the product following the normal process adding descriptions and images.  You do not need to tick the individual items to have the "Export to Web Service" option, as the package will take care of adding these products to the sale in Retail Express.

2) sell the individual components on the website in addition to the package, 

then you need to tick the "Export to Web Service" option for those products individually, as well as for the package.  Configure them as normal, and they will appear on the site for sale accordingly.

Note: As the Web Store and Retail Express have to match exact products, you need to make sure that the Package Option is set to "Treat package as consolidated group of products", otherwise the order between Retail Express and your Web Store will not match (I.e. different prices, products, etc.) and there will be errors and incorrect information synchronised.


This feature will also allow you to have the Same physical product appear as separate products on the webstore. Think of these as a place holder or "redirect" to the other package. Say I sell trophies but I want them to appear separate for each sport but in Rex they are the same SKU...

  1. If you create a Package Product it will have its own supplier SKU TROPHY
  2. Create Package Cricket Trophy 1 – SKU TROPHY-CRICKET1 – Points to Item 1 – SKU TROPHY

Create Package Cricket Trophy 2 – SKU TROPHY-CRICKET2 – Points to Item 1 – SKU TROPHY

Create Package Batsman Trophy 1 – SKU TROPHY-BATS1 – Points to Item 1 – SKU TROPHY


  1. In your ecommerce system we can use the Packaged SKU’s as separate products.