In order to show discount prices on products, the eCommerce site needs to compare two prices.  The compare field is called the “Compare at Price”.  This field is mapped from the RRP price in Retail Express.  

Note: A RRP price for each product must be entered in Retail Express for each product.

The product price used to compare any discounts is controlled by a hierarchy.  The standard price when there is no sale would be that the Retail Express POS price is the same as the RRP.

In this case the POS price will be mapped to the eCommerce product price.

Default: Retail Express POS price is mapped to eCommerce Product Price

The eCommerce site will compare the Products Price with the Compare at Price.

If the Product Price is less, a Sale will be displayed according to the rules setup in the Theme’s site.

  For example   RRP $ 170  Now $99