When enabling the Include variant images job option, Image Audit will check If a 'Color' or 'Colour' option exists on a variable product in Shopify and if the number of unique colour values exceeds 1, if this is true - Image Audit will validate that all variants contain an image. If not, the product will be tagged with the tag value set from the Job screen.

Let’s run through some examples based on the job settings below.


The following product has a single colour option of Yellow and has a main product image attached, this product will not be tagged with no-image because there is only 1 colour option.




This product has multiple colour options, Green and Grey. It also has 2 main product images attached for each colour; however, the variants do not have any images attached. This product will be tagged with no-image because there are more than 1 unique colour option and all variants do not have an image attached.




If there are more than one unique colour option values, all variants must have an image attached. The Grey / 1 variant does not have an image attached so the no-image tag will be added onto this product.



Attaching an image to the Grey / 1 variant will make this a valid product.