When products are left without images on your eCommerce store it can look unprofessional and like your store is “Under Construction”. With people and apps having access to your store there is the risk your product images are compromised. By running a job you can easily tag and later find products based on that tag that do not have any images attached.


  • Tag values - The tag values you would like to attach to products that have no image. You can specify more than one value by separating tags with ',' e.g. tag1,tag2,tag3
  • Unpublish product - Select this option if you would like Image Audit to hide products with no images from your Online Store.


  • Email - A notification will be sent to the email address provided once the job has finished.


Product listings before running the Image Audit job

1. Open Image Audit and configure the job

    a) Set the Tag value e.g. 'no image'. This will attach a 'no image' tag to all products that do not have an image.

    b) Select the Unpublish Product option accordingly.

    c) Set the notification email address.

2. You can now easily find all products that do not have an image by adding a 'no image' tag filter in the product search.

Since we selected the Unpublish Product option in this example the products without an image are no longer displaying on the Online Store.