Automated birthday campaigns using the TranslatorHQ Mailchimp integration

Send birthday wishes to your Retail Express Clients using the Retail Express → Mailchimp integration
Note: You may notice Mailchimp offers an automated birthday email feature. This feature won't work with Retail Express because the field is a date and not a "Birthday" field, which is required for this feature. So instead, we're using the "Recurring date" feature along with the "Date of birth" field, which we do send through the integration.
Thanks to our Mailchimp integration and automation, you can rest easy and never miss another special day!  If you're not already integrated with Mailchimp let us know and we will get an order form out to you this article will give you all the steps you need to get set up a "Happy Birthday" campaign in Mailchimp. 

Create a campaign in Mailchimp

Click Create Campaign when viewing your Dashboard to jump straight into creating a campaign:
Click Email:
Select Automated from the top navigation menu: 
Select Date Based from the automated email options: 
Choose Recurring dates from the Date Based options: 
Name your campaign, and select your Cliniko audience from the dropdown menu: 
Double check that you're using the "Date of Birth" trigger as the Date field for the email campaign here: 
And, done!