Once your integration is live, you will receive an invitation to the TranslatorHQ dashboard.

Notifications - The bell icon displays a list of orders that could not be created into Retail Express from your eCommerce store.

You can click the Action drop down and choose to manually resolve any order you do not want to be continually re-tried by the connector.


Product Link - Displays the products that are unlinked between your Retail Express store and the eCommerce store. Products that are unlinked will stop orders flowing into Retail Express causing products to contain incorrect stock levels online.

Out Of Sync - Displays the products that currently have incorrect stock or pricing between Retail Express and the eCommerce store. This could be due to the product link being broken between Retail Express and the eCommerce store or having an inconsistent manufacturer SKU grouping from what is in the eCommerce store.

Mail Chimp Overview - Shows information related to the Retail Express to Mail Chimp integration module. If you wish to purchase this additional integration please contact us at sales@translatorhq.com.au 

Total Customers: The total amount of Customers the integration can "see" in your Retail Express system

Receive news customers: Customers the integration would sync into Mail Chimp. Compliant with Mail Chimp’s Anti-spam policy.

The integration validates Customer emails before sending them into Mail Chimp, this ensures we are not breaking Mail Chimps TOS and keeps your list clean of fake email addresses.

White listed emails: Valid Customer email addresses

Black listed emails: Invalid Customer email addresses

If you do not have access to your dashboard please request an account by emailing support