Have you ever had multiple products that you need to quickly change to Publish?

You might be releasing a new set of products, you put them in to REX, mark as export and voila they are in Woo as DRAFTS, you check them add pictures etc and you need them all to be publish at the very same time. Well, you could go through each page, product or post individually and publish them, OR you could save yourself a whole lot time and follow this tutorial on how to bulk publish pages, products or posts .

How to bulk publish in WordPress:

  1. Select all the products you wish to bulk publish.
  2. Select Edit from the dropdown list labelled Bulk Actions.
  3. Press the Apply button to the right and a Bulk Edit box will appear.
  4. Find the Status dropdown menu and select Published.
  5. Finally, select the blue Update button to the right.

You’ll have also noticed that you can bulk change your pages, products or posts to Private mode, Draft mode and even Pending Review mode.

And there you have it, you’ve just bulk published all of your products in 5 quick steps. 

To do more products at a time head to the top right and screen options to set your page to a larger number.