There's always been something missing with REX orders and now we have the solution for you, the problem was not being able to have a separate comments log for private and public. All notes are played with and each site has its own map. You can add any field you want to within reasonable cause. The biggest change implemented here is the fact you can have your own template for comments.  With the 2 new order options there to make your life at ease, it gives you more option to decide on whether which one you want.  the comments can be defined by your stores requirements. Please consider the limited space available for comments and the effect of having  it's your choice and your freedom. 

edit the product to say what you want. goes to public notes over private or however you want to decide to use it. full control for the user, maximum assistance. new and fully updated. 

Question: I have been wondering, the order notes on a Woocommerce order come through to private notes in REX currently. Is there a way to write to the public order notes in REX from Woocommerce?

Yes, we can! Yes, there is. But the public notes are also used. Each site has its own map. The integration has access to most fields on the WooCommerce order and also metadata to build the public order notes. 

I have adjusted the REX order comment template accordingly. ROrderCommentsMap

2Web Order #[[OrderNumber]]PrivateCommentsShopify
3Web Order #[[id]]  [[customer_message]] PublicCommentsBigCommerce
5Web Order #[[OrderID]] | [[DeliveryInstruction]]PublicCommentsNeto
7Web Order #[[id]]PublicCommentsWoo


NETO - Web Order #[[OrderID]],[[ShippingOption]] [[DeliveryInstruction]]

Woo- Shipping Method: [[shipping_methods]] | [[customer_note]]

Shopify Example - Notify by email: [[Email]] Delivery by [[shipping_lines.title]] Checkout Comment: [[Note]] (The Shopify comment field is CASE SENSITIVE, please ensure that you spell note with a capital N otherwise it will not work)

BigCommerce Order Prefix.

Normally the PublicComments is Web Order #[[id]]

IF it contains  #PRE[[id]] then the prefix will be included in the Retail Express External Order Reference.. 

March 2021 - BigCommerce now allows Shipping_Method in comments

Web Order #MAJ-[[id]] | [[ship_shipping_method]]

Web Order #MAJ-[[id]]

March 2021 - BigCommerce customer message for order notes [[customer_message]], staff notes: [[staff_notes]]